About Me

Forget Me Not Salonspa and Bodywork opened its doors in October 2014 and is owned and operated by me, Shannon Morris. I am both a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist.

I grew up in Alaska. I went college in Oregon where I earned a BA in Psychology and then later attended and graduated from Oregon School of Massage. Soon thereafter I moved to Durango, Colorado and worked for a chiropractor before opening up my own massage practice. In Durango, I worked on many a road and mountain biker, runner, hiker as well as those primarily needing to relax and restore. It was in Durango I went to Cosmetology school with the hopes of becoming a one-woman salon and spa.

I am a casual person and Forget Me Not is a down to earth salonspa and bodywork studio offering quality services. I seek out environmentally friendly products. I am big into cleanliness and sanitation.

These past years Forget Me Not has morphed and transitioned through various products and services and I love more and more what I have to offer. (I hope you do too.)

What I have loved the most in these past four years is that people come to Forget Me Not to have a break from their lives and also to share their lives. People who patron Forget Me Not seem to feel at home in a place they can be themselves and a feel sense of community. That makes me happy.

When I am not in the studio I love to be hiking, camping, and exploring the coast, island or mountain. I am guilty of Netflix binging as well as serious napping when at all possible. I take time to receive regular bodywork. Taking classes and going to shows for all of my crafts is a gigantic part of my life.

I truly love what I do. What a blessing! Bodywork, pedis, curly hair, straight hair, men’s hair, women’s hair, waxing. All of it is creative and transformational.

Come in. Relax. Nurture yourself. Enhance your well-being. I look forward to seeing you!


Licensed Massage Practitioner MA 60464679
Cosmetology License 101436